Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Moffatts

I was writing as message to my dear girl friend that I miss her like crazy as we haven't met for almost a year. She is a wonderful friend of mine and we always catch up with each other whenever I'm back in Malaysia. We will talk, laugh, eat, drink and then talk and laugh. LOL - Diana Chan

At that instance, I remembered there is a song titled Miss You Like Crazy. In split second, the word Moffatts popped into my mind. How I missed Moffatts! <3 I grew up listening to Moffatts. The Moffatts were a popular Canadian pop rock band back in 1990s'. I started listening to their songs when I was 10. That was the time when I was into the Westerners' wave, together with Hanson Brothers, Backstreetboys, Spice Girls, 911, Westlife and Kavana (he was sooooo handsome back then =p)

The moffatts comprised of 4 brothers, Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave Moffatt. Scott is the eldest brother and Bob, Clint and Dave were born as triplets. Bob and Clint are identical twins while Dave is a fraternal triplet. They really look alike. Dave has always been my favourite member of the band =b

1990s': They looked so young!

2008: Grew mature
(Dave, Bob, Clint, Scott)

Reminisce about the song I used to listen when I was a child. Hope you like it. Enjoy! (:


I used to call you my girl
I used to call you my friend
I used to call you the love
The love that I never had

When I think of you
I don't know what to do
When will I see you again

I miss you like crazy
Even more than words can say
I miss you like crazy
Every minute of everyday

Girl I'm so down
When your love's not around
I miss you, miss you, miss you
I miss you like crazy

You're all that I want
You're all that I need
Can't you see how I feel
Can't you see that my pain's so real

When I think of you
I don't know what to do
When will I see you again

I miss you like crazy
Even more than words can say
I miss you like crazy
Every minute of everyday

Girl I'm so down
When your love's not around
I miss you, miss you, miss you
I miss you like crazy

I miss you like crazy
Even more than words can say
I miss you like crazy
Every minute of everyday

Girl I'm so down when your love's not around
I miss you, miss you, miss you
I miss you like crazy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Minutes After & Before Dawn

ON last Saturday, the 7th, I woke up minutes after dawn to prepare for my English tests. It was a long day for me, pushing my mind to stay alert during the tests. It was a relief that I was done and over with. I had my lunch while complaining about my mistakes made during the exams to BBS over the phone. Haha.

I spent the whole afternoon choosing presents for Tracy and I managed to catch a seriouslyhilarioustilyougetstomachefromlaughing sort of movie. Jack & Jill. It was a great entertainment after working out my brain the whole morning =D Later that night, I prepared for Tracy's early surprise birthday celebration at Sky Bar.

Tracy's present!

My drink: Cocktail with Pomegranate juice and Red Bull. Yes Red Bull ._.

Happy Birthday Tracy! =)

Tracy was in cloud 9.

I had a great catch up session with my high school friends. Miss them lots!

We left the Sky bar and headed to Steven's Corner. To my surprise, the Indian cashier can speak Cantonese. Wow and weird. We continued chatting until 3.30am. Longest chat ever! The chat I longed for everytime I'm back in Malaysia. These are the friends that I adore having =p I reached home and tip-toed like a burglar into my room, afraid of waking up my dad. I washed up, reflected on what I did for the day and then fell asleep minutes before the dawn. What a day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Day in 24 years: Happy New Year!!

The first I received from my mom in 2012 - A wet wallet. She took my wallet and kept it in her handbag without knowing the cap of her water-bottle was not properly fasten.

Everything in my wallet was all wet =(

To celebrate this new year, we went for an unplanned day trip: KL-Seremban-Port Dickson-Malacca. Food hunting was our main agenda of the trip. (this is the kind of trip that I wanted to go with you all, Anna, Wan Yee and Yin Ho!)

Perfect day for sunnies!

Ais Tanjung

Potato tornado? Yummeh!

Satay Celup: Not really spicy which is a YUM for me =p

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope dragon year is another year of joy, success, filled with happiness and love.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 Days of Battle

My 4 consecutive days of exam battle. Phew.. I'm glad it's finally over. It was not easy for me. Monash people know the best.
All I did was eat, study, study, study and sleep. No time for insomnia.. which is a good thing for me. I was drained out for those 4 days.. Extremely exhausted.
I'm lucky to have Wei Ning (Ms hoT) and Yee Mei (Hot Bod) who cooked for me when I was busy studying. Thank you for supporting me!
Ehehehee... Wahahahaha... Now I have time to relax;p Wheeeee......

P/s: Sorry readers. I know I'm a lazy blogger.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Chapter In Melbourne!

Melbourne! Melbourne! Melbourne!

I have been in Clayton, Melbourne since last Friday, 13th Feb. Weather in Melb is sunny and windy at the same time. It's quite nice for outing. However, it's quite dry and my lips cracked and bleed when I first arrive. That's horrible.
Luckily, it gets better as I am getting used to the weather. Drinking plenty, applying sun screen and lip gloss should be the key to battle against dryness and sunburns.

People here are really friendly and helpful. They even ask me if I need any help for direction when seeing me looking at the map with a confused look. Yeap.. That's me! Sometimes, I'm totally clueless which direction I am facing or walking. I have really weak sense of direction. But hey, I made it through now. HAHA!

Below are the places I went during my first few days in Melbourne. ( I didn't really have the time to snap many photos.)

Esanda (Australian's Finance Company)
in Melbourne City

Swanston Street

Flinders Street Station

You can see this everywhere in the city.

I stay in Richardson Halls. The room is bigger than what I expected. It's pretty good though:p

Shot 1: Study table and Book rack

Shot 2: Window and Cupboard

Shot 3: Single bed and Dressing table

Shot 4: Door

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chinese New Year!!! Moo...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
What a fantastic week of chinese new year! I really had a lot of fun;p I'm so grateful as I was able to meet my long-no-see old friends. I enjoyed 'berbopek' with them. Haha!
And here is my brief Chinese New Year chronology....

Before Chinese New Year.....
I baked many trays of chocolate chips cookies, coconut biscuits and cornflake biscuits. Baking cookies and biscuits is one of my expertise now XD ..

-- Coconut Biscuits --
(My masterpiece >.<)

Oh ya, there is another tibits loved by the Chinese.. Fried thin-sliced arrow head ( 'Shu Ku Chai' ). I was so obsessed doing it. My mom and I fried KGs of arrow heads.

During Chinese New Year.....
As usual, relatives and friends came for visiting. It is always so happening. Maybe it is because of the popular activity during CNY (in Malaysia)... GAMBLING!!

Secondary school friends;)

Anna, Vivien and Yen Vi!!
Anna, That's the best I can do. Hehe... (Gorgeous eyes?)

Yoke San and Yin Ho were playing SPEED (fast & exciting game).
Loud screams and laughters were heard (mainly from Yoke San;p)

More is yet to come....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yen Vi's on Board!

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time having a blog! Cool! SS
I really have no idea what to write now ::)
I'll try to update the latest news of "Yen Vi" here. But don't you put so much hope!


P/S: Anna! Write something to welcome me in blog! >.<
: Yen Yi! Humour me! XD